The greatest news we have heard in a long time

Posted by xre on 03/05/05

I know that the press is supposed to be neutral and all that bullshit, but I can't keep celebrating about the fact that the possibly worst, most commercial band ever is not likely to write a new record before 2007.

Now why is this? Because those greedy assholes want to get more money out of Warner Brothers, who won't give it to them, so they refuse to record a new album, which was previously due in eary 2006.

I am of course talking about Linkin Park, and we should all celebrate this happy moment:

The band, which blended rap and rock on best-selling albums like "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteora", is not going forward with plans to record its next Warner album, due in 2006.

And I would like to finish this newsitem off with a quote from Warner Brothers, a major label. This is why major labels suck so much.

"While LINKIN PARK's talent is without question, the band's management is using fictitious numbers and making baseless charges and inflammatory threats in what is clearly a negotiating tactic. Warner Bros. Records has made significant investments in LINKIN PARK, and they have always been compensated generously for their outstanding worldwide success,"

The day that Linkin Park is talented, all the other rock bands have died out except for Busted and Mcfly.

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