Dropdead to release first album in 22 years in September

Posted by AP on 14/08/20

Providence, RI-born hardcore punk / powerviolence unit Dropdead will release their first full-length album in 22 years, which will be a self-titled offering, through Armageddon Label on September 25th. It consists of a staggering 23 tracks that stack up, as follows:

01. “Prelude”

02. “Torches”

03. “Road to Absolution”

04. “Only Victims”

05. “Warfare State”

06. “Corrupt”

07. “On Your Knees”

08. “Vultures”

09. “The Black Mask”

10. “Ashes”

11. “Book of Hate”

12. “Flesh and Blood”

13. “Stoking the Flame”

14. “Bodies”

15. “Hatred Burning”

16. “Nothing Remains”

17. “Abattoir of Pain”

18. “Stripped by the Knife”

19. “Hail to the Emperor”

20. “Before the Fall”

21. “United States of Corruption”

22. “Will You Fight?”

23. “The Future Is Yours”

You can take a look at the artwork and pre-order the record in a format of your choosing here, while a music video for the lead single “Flesh and Blood” is available for viewing below.

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