Novembres Doom - New Album Details

Posted by miray on 20/06/06

Chicago's Novembres Doom have posted the following message on their official web site:

"The recording has begun for the upcoming CD, and now we can reveal details on the work. A title has been selected, and the final disc will contain eight songs. Once again as we've already announced, we're recording with Chris Djuricic, mixing with Dan Swanö , and mastering with James Murphy. The first three days are complete, and the drums have been tracked. A studio journal with upcoming photos and video commentary is available here.

"The Novella Reservoir" projected track listing:

01. Rain

02. The Novella Reservoir

03. They Were Left to Die

04. Our Twilight Innocence

05. Drown the Inland Mere

06. The Voice of Failure

07. Dominate the Human Strain

08. Leaving This

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