Devin Townsend to release "Empath" in March

Posted by AP on 18/01/19

Canadian progressive metal virtuoso Devin Townsend will release a new album titled “Empath” through InsideOut Music on March 29th. It features a host of guest appearances including the Elektra Women’s Choir, Elliot Desagnes, Ryan Dhale, Ché Aimee Dorval, Mike Keneally, Chad Kroeger, Nathan Navarro, Samus Paulicelli, Anup Sastry, Steve Vai, Anneke Van Giersbergen and Morgan Ågren. You can view the track listing below:

01. “Castaway”

02. “Genesis”

03. “Spirits Will Collide”

04. “Evermore”

05. “Sprite”

06. “Hear Me”

07. “Why”

08. “Borderlands”

09. “Requiem”

10. “Singularity Part 1 - Adrift”

11. “Singularity Part 2 - I Am I”

12. “Singularity Part 3 - There Be Monsters”

13. “Singularity Part 4 - Curious Gods”

14. “Singularity Part 5 - Silicon Scientists”

15. “Singularity Part 6 - Here Comes the Sun”

While more information about the record is still pending, Danish fans will have an opportunity to watch Townsend live in an acoustic setup at the Bremen Theatre in Copenhagen on April 02nd. Tickets are running low, but you can still secure one here for 350 DKK (+ fees). For more information, see the official Facebook event.

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