Fetus In Fetu to release "Mongolian Meatfarm" in September

Posted by AP on 18/06/18

The little-known Danish brutal death metal crew Fetus In Fetu has announced the release of their sophomore album, “Mongolian Meatfarm”, through Narcoleptica Productions on September 05th. The effort comprises the following offensively titled songs:

01. “Ass Surgery”

02. “Mongolian Meatfarm”

03. “T-Bag a Goat”

04. “Kill That Bitch”

05. “1 Finger to Rule the Cunt”

06. “To Be He-She”

07. “Slipskin”

08. “Chewing Stoma”

You can view the artwork and pre-order the effort via Bandcamp and then stream the first two singles, “Mongolian Meatfarm” and “T-Bag a Goat”, below:

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