Obscura to release "Diluvium" in July

Posted by AP on 09/05/18

München, Germany-born technical death metal crew Obscura will release a new album titled “Diluvium” through Relapse Records on July 13th. The effort comprises the following tracks:

01. “Clandestine Stars”

02. “Emergent Evolution”

03. “Diluvium”

04. “Mortification of the Vulgar Sun”

05. “Ethereal Skies”

06. “Convergence”

07. “Ekpyrosis”

08. “The Seventh Aeon”

09. “The Conjuration”

10. “An Epilogue to Infinity”

11. “A Last Farewell” (bonus track)

You can view the artwork and pre-order the effort here, while an official music video for the title track and first single is available below:

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