Cancer Bats surprise-release new album: "The Spark That Moves"

Posted by AP on 20/04/18

In honour with 4/20 today, Cancer Bats, too, have surprised-dropped their sixth studio album, which carries the title of “The Spark That Moves”. The effort comes with the following songs:

01. “Gatekeeper”

02. “Brightest Day”

03. “We Run Free”

04. “Space and Time”

05. “Bed of Nails”

06. “Headwound”

07. “Fear Will Kill Us All”

08. “Rattlesnake”

09. “Can’t Sleep”

10. “Heads Will Roll”

11. “Winterpeg”

You can watch the music video for the song “Rattlesnake” from it right here:

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