Madball to release "For the Cause" in June

Posted by AP on 11/04/18

New York City, NY-born hardcore punk veterans Madball have set June 15th as the official release date for their new album, which carries the title “For the Cause”.

The band teamed up with Tim Armstrong (of Rancid fame) for production and Tue Madsen for mixing and mastering, and the record also features a number of notable guests, including Armstrong himself, Body Count frontman Ice-T and rapper Sick Jacken.

More information about the effort is currently pending, but vocalist Freddy Cricien did offer the following comments regarding it:

We are beyond excited to finally drop ’For the Cause’!! To say we’re happy with the end result is an understatement! This record accurately defines the current state of our band… our sound, our state of mind, our ambitions, our flaws, and our attitude!

It’s truly an honor to have Ice-T on our record! I grew up on his music from his early hip hop stuff till now. He’s an iconic figure but also a ‘class act’, you don’t always get both at once. Ice has a great respect for NYHC and Madball, means the world. This was meant to happen… real recognizes real.

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