Zeal & Ardor to release "Stranger Fruit" in June

Posted by AP on 29/03/18

Swiss-American avant-garde metal artist Zeal & Ardor, who marries blues, soul and gospel music with black metal, has set June 08th as the official release date for his sophomore album, which carries the title of “Stranger Fruit”. The Zebo Adam-produced, Kurt Ballou-mixed effort comprises the following tracks:

01. “Intro”

02. “Gravedigger’s Chant”

03. “Servants”

04. “Don’t Your Dare”

05. “Fire of Motion”

06. “The Hermit”

07. “Row Row”

08. “Ship on Fire”

09. “Waste”

10. “You Ain’t Coming Back”

11. “The Fool”

12. “We Can’t Be Found”

13. “Stranger Fruit”

14. “Solve”

15. “Coagula”

16. “Built on Ashes”

The artwork and digital pre-orders are available via Amazon and iTunes among others, while the vinyl pressing can be purchased here. A music video for the first single, “Gravedigger’s Chant”, meanwhile, is available below:

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