Skinless details new album "Savagery"

Posted by AP on 13/03/18

Glens Falls, NY-based brutal death metal crew Skinless has set May 11th as the official release date for their new album, “Savagery”, on Relapse Records. The Tom Case and Dave Otero-produced effort contains the following songs:

01. “Savagery”

02. “Siege Engine”

03. “Skull Session”

04. “Reversal of Fortune”

05. “Exacting Revenge”

06. “Medieval”

07. “Line of Dissent”

08. “Cruel Blade of the Guillotine”

09. “The Hordes”

10. “High Rate Extinction” (bonus track)

You can view the artwork and pre-order the album via the label’s website, while a stream of the groovy first single, “Savagery”, is available below, courtesy of

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