The Ocean announces new double-album: "Phanerozonic"

Posted by AP on 15/02/18

Berlin, Germany-based post-metal group The Ocean has begun work on its eighth full-length, which they have christened as “Phanerozonic” and revealed to be a double-album.

Set for release in October (part I) and early 2019 (part II), the title of the record refers to the 500 million years that follow the Proterozoic eon, which is the final eon in the Precambrian supereon and saw the evolution and diversification of flora and fauna on Earth — not to mention the partial destruction of it during five mass extinction events.

Conceptually, the band explains that “Phanerozonic” will form the missing link between their 2007 effort, “Precambrian”, and 2010’s double opus, “Heliocentric” / “Anthropocentric”. It will be recorded at the Sundlaugin studios in Iceland, with guitarist Robin Staps offering:

We were looking for an isolated place in a cold and beautiful environment, to get us into the right mood for making this record. The new album will start off bleak, cold and heavy… and then evolve and diversity throughout the 2nd half.

There is no reason to change a perfectly working formula. We have been working with Julien [Fehlmann, ed.] since 2009, and Magnus [Lindberg, ed.] has mixed about half of the records I have released on Pelagic. Jens [Bogren, ed.] did a terrific job with “Pelagial”, and so we decided to bring all these gentlemen together this time.

Danish fans can look forward to watching The Ocean live at this year’s edition of A Colossal Weekend at Copenhagen venue VEGA, where they are scheduled to play on Saturday, April 14th. Tickets are available for purchase here.

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