Nothing More to release "The Stories We Tell Ourselves" in September

Posted by AP on 26/06/17

Nothing More, who recently canceled their summer European touring plans in order to focus on finishing up their sophomore album, have now officially announced said effort, which has been given the title "The Stories We Tell Ourselves". The album will be released via Better Noise Records on September 15th and features the following tracks:

01. "(Ambition; Destruction)"

02. "Do You Really Want It"

03. "(Convict; Divide)"

04. "Let 'em Burn"

05. "Ripping Me Apart"

06. "Don't Stop"

07. "Funny Little Creatures"

08. "(React; Respond)"

09. "The Great Divorce"

10. "Still in Love"

11. "(Alone; Together)"

12. "Go to War"

13. "Just Say When"

14. "(Accept; Disconnect)"

15. "Who We Are"

16. "Tunnels"

17. "(End; Begin)"

18. "FadeInFadeOut"

You can check out lyric videos for two of the songs, "Go to War" and "Don't Stop", right here:

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