Kadavar to release "Rough Times" in September

Posted by AP on 19/06/17

Berlin, Germany’s '70s rock sensation Kadavar will release a new album titled "Rough Times" via Nuclear Blast Records on September 29th. You can view the artwork here, and while more information about the effort is still pending, drummer Christoph 'Tiger' Bartelt offered the following comments regarding it:

The process of making this record was quite intense. I kind of went through my inner hell. Working all day, you're fine but at night all these things were torturing me. The new songs are crazy and absurd sometimes, but also serious and very personal. It's the ambiguity that holds 'Rough Times' together. Every song evolved from a certain strong feeling.

We chose the title because it has this duality. It's not just funny, yet it's not a complete serious title. We're doing fine, but something's missing in this world. We don't really fit in or want to but at the same time we're stuck in this. The times are rough when you wake up and just wanna die, but times can also be rough for very trivial reasons, the latter I have the feeling is very zeitgeisty.

The collage for the cover is the perfect match for the title. I had this picture in my head throughout the whole process. It's a little rough, but this picture tells a lot.

Vocalist/guitarist Christoph 'Lupus' Lindemann added:

For me it's a very serious title, bar any humor. We maintain the achievements of our elders, such as women rights, peace and a corporate Europe by touring through clubs, sniffing 100 euro bills through our noses and call attention to ourselves by posting insta stories. Meanwhile people rising to power decline economy, free thinking and progress. If we don't start to really care for this heritage and leave it to people who just want to enrich themselves, we will soon face 'Rough Times'. The album itself is a journey through our states of mind. The first 3 songs is us venting our spleen. About everything and everyone we despise — until towards the end when there's something kinda like hope.

Danish fans can look forward to catching Kadavar live at Copenhagen venue Pumpehuset on November 09th, as part of tour that also features Mantar and Death Alley in supporting slots.

Tickets are available via Ticketmaster.dk for 225 DKK, with more information available in the official Facebook event.

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