Hundredth explain style shift & stream new song: "Hole"

Posted by AP on 30/05/17

Hundredth have shared another song from their upcoming album, "Rare", which arrives in stores on June 16th via Hopeless Records. You can stream the track, entitled "Hole", at the bottom of this article, courtesy of, who also quizzed the band's vocalist Chadwick Johnson about the radical shift in the style of their music. Here’s what Johnson had to say:

Truth be told, none of us really liked the music we were playing. We would never show it off to our friends and be like, 'Yo, check out this cool fucking record we made.' We did that when we were 19, but I dunno, it was never really us [after that]. It's kind of a weird thing to start with — we're all into different shit, but it turned into a hardcore or metalcore band, whatever the fuck it was.

I think there was an underlying dissatisfaction all the way. We were just a little bit in denial of it. When we started the band, we weren't that heavy. Before we released anything, we were more like an As Cities Burn: a little aggressive, but a little more post-everything. We wanted to go on tour; we started a band because we wanted to go on tour.

We started Hundredth because we liked Shai Hulud, Strongarm, things like that. That wasn't all we liked, but it was an element we felt we could easily play at the level of talent we were at the time, so that's the way we went with it. And then it just morphed into what it was. I think we always wanted to do something different, but we were in that well-oiled machine of, 'We're on this record label that wants us to write a record like this; I guess we're getting bigger, so why would we ruffle the feathers?'

I think it just came to a boil when our original guitar player came back in the band and we were like, 'Dude, this is fucking lame. I don't want to write this kind of music anymore,' I've been [unhappy] for years; I've just swallowed it because it's a paycheck, y'know?

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