Velvet Volume to tour Denmark this Fall

Posted by AP on 15/05/17

Århus, Denmark-born rock trio Velvet Volume has announced a tour of Denmark in the Fall, with the following cities and venues included on the itinerary:

October 14th - Studenterhuset, Aalborg, DEN

October 20th - Konfus, Esbjerg, DEN

October 27th - Gimle, Roskilde, DEN

October 28th - Vershuset, Næstved, DEN

November 03rd - Fermaten, Herning, DEN

November 10th - Kulturmaskinen, Odense, DEN

November 11th - Turbinen, Randers, DEN

November 17th - Lille Vega, Copenhagen, DEN

November 25th - VoxHall, Århus, DEN

The band will release their début album this autumn — in time for the tour’s start. Further information about that effort is, however, still pending. Until such a time, you can watch the music video for one of their existing tracks, ”I Think I Need You”, right here:

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