The Midnight Ghost Train to release new album in July

Posted by AP on 14/05/17

Topeka, KS-born stoner-metal trio The Midnight Ghost Train will release their new album, ”Cypress Ave.” via Napalm Records on July 28th. The effort comprises the tracks listed below, with the artwork available here.

01. “Tonight”

02. “Red Eyed Junkie Queen”

03. “Glenn’s Promise”

04. “Bury Me Deep”

05. “The Watcher’s Nest”

06. “Break My Love”

07. “Lemon Trees”

08. “The Boogie Down” (feat. Sonny Cheeba of Camp Lo)

09. “Black Wave”

10. “The Echo”

11. “I Can’t Let You Go” (bonus)

Speaking about the effort, guitarist/vocalist Steve Moss offered the following thoughts:

It was time to challenge ourselves, and our fanbase, and do something completely different that hasn’t been done before in this genre. No sense in doing the same thing over and over again, there is no growth in that. We want to learn, create, and leave our true artistic impression on the world. Not one song on this album sounds the same. Each track has a completely different feel and unique quality to it. Something in this album for everyone in every genre of music out there. Exploring and challenging new grounds is what this album is about.

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