Ghost Bath announces new album: "Starmourner"

Posted by AP on 27/02/17

Minot, ND’s depressive black metallers Ghost Bath have set April 21st as the official release date for their new album, ”Starmourner”, on Nuclear Blast Entertainment. You can view Luciana Nedelea’s artwork for the Josh Schroeder-produced record right here, and peruse the 72-minute track listing below.

01. “Astral”

02. “Seraphic”

03. “Ambrosial”

04. “Ethereal”

05. “Celestial”

06. “Angelic”

07. “Luminescence”

08. “Thrones”

09. “Elysian”

10. “Cherubim”

11. “Principalities”

12. “Ode”

The first single, ”Thrones”, has already been made available for streaming, and can be heard using the player here:

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