Full Of Hell to release new album in May

Posted by AP on 21/02/17

Ocean City, MD-based grindcore crew Full Of Hell have christened their new album ”Trumpeting Ecstasy” and set May 05th as its official release date on Profound Lore.

The outing, which features guest appearances by Aaron Turner (ex-Isis, Mamiffer, Old Man Gloom, SUMAC) and Nate Newton (Converge, Old Man Gloom) among others, comprises the following tracks:

01. “Deluminate”

02. “Branches of Yew”

03. “Bound Sphinx”

04. “The Cosmic Vein”

05. “Digital Prison”

06. “Crawling Back to God”

07. “Fractured Quartz”

08. “Gnawed Flesh”

09. “Ashen Mesh”

10. “Trumpeting Ecstasy”

11. “At the Cauldron’s Bottom”

You can view the artwork for the Kurt Ballou-produced effort right here. A taste of new music is expected to follow in the next few weeks.

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