EVRA calls it quits

Posted by AP on 12/01/17

Danish southern fried metalcore boys EVRA have decided to call it quits after four years as a band. The following statement was posted on their Facebook page:

It is with great sadness that we have decided to put Evra on rest after the upcoming Denmark tour with Prime Collective. For the last 4 years we've put the band before anything else in our lives. The ambitions has been sky high from day one and no obstacle seemed too great to overcome. Sadly we've reached a point where we no longer feel the same way.

Since we recorded the first EP we've experienced a lot of crazy things. We've toured in 8 different countries, recorded an album in England, played festivals such as Copenhell, FortaRock and Distortion and been signed to a management/label that we believed in. We've met so many friendly and helpful people on the way that we will never forget.

The honest reason why we are putting Evra on rest is simply that we are lacking inspiration to write a sophomore album. Since we released 'Lightbearer’ back in September 2015 we haven't written any new songs that have matched our expectations. We've been trying to go a lot of different ways to make the source of inspiration flow again. Sadly we must admit that we didn't succeed on regaining the inspiration that we once had. We've decided to stop while we are still on top rather than burn out and not being able to look us selves in the eyes.

Consider this to be an indefinite hiatus. Should we ever wake up and find the inspiration to be renewed this might not be a final goodbye. The constellation and sound might be different - Only time will tell. The only thing that is sure is none of us will stop playing music. Emil will remain in DTHRNR, Nicholas & Ole will continue in WOES and Patrick & Fredrik is both staying in music.

The last chance to see us live will happen in the 3 biggest cities of Denmark alongside our Labelmates in Prime Collective.

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