Iron Reagan to release new album in February

Posted by AP on 08/11/16

Richmond, VA -based crossover thrash supergroup Iron Reagan will release their third studio album ”Crossover Ministry” via Relapse Records on February 03rd. The effort was produced by the band’s guitarist Phil Hall and mixed by Kurt Ballou. Below you can view the artwork and track listing for the effort.

01. “A Dying World”

02. “You Never Learn”

03. “Grim Business”

04. “Dead With My Friends”

05. “No Sell”

06. “Condition Evolution”

07. “Fuck the Neighbors”

08. “Power of the Skull”

09. “Crossover Ministry”

10. “More War”

11. “Blatant Violence”

12. “Parents of Tomorrow”

13. “Bleed the Fifth”

14. “Megachurch”

15. “Shame Spiral”

16. “Dogsnotgods”

17. “Eat or be Eaten”

18. “Twist Your Fate”

The band posted the following ‘informercial’ to advertise the outing:

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