The New S**t Showcase expands to Århus in 2017

Posted by AP on 02/05/16

Danish metal blog’s annual New S**t Showcase for up-and-coming domestic bands will expand to encompass the Atlas venue in Århus as well as its usual locale at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen next year.

The Copenhagen showcase will take place on Saturday, January 07th, with the Århus edition set to follow on Saturday, January 21st.

Both occasions will feature the same six bands hand-picked by the writers on a bi-monthly basis this year. So far the artists include heritage rockers The Ritual, melodic prog-metal crew Iotunn and the newly announced groove death metal dealers Bæst.

The New S**t Showcase has previously brought through some of the more established names in the Danish rock / metal scene right now, such as Bersærk, EVRA, Grusom, Lucer and møl. You can read or re-read our thoughts on this year’s festivities right here.

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