Mercenary Announce New Album Title

Posted by miray on 15/04/06

Mercenary have posted the following message on their official web site:

"We've been waiting for this moment for a long time, and now it's finally here. The new Mercenary album is done. The recordings ended on Friday, April 7th. We're also finally able to spill out some more details that we've had on the tip of our tongues for several months: The new album title is 'The Hours that Remain'. The album will contain 10 brand new songs — about 60 minutes of playing time. Some track titles are 'The Year of the Plague', 'My world is Ending', 'Obscure Indiscretion' and 'Lost Reality'.

"We're very happy with the result — and if you like '11 Dreams', you'll definately like this as well. 'The Hours that Remain' has the custom Mercenary riffs and sound, but a lot more heavy, speedy and melodic at the same time. We've gone even further in mixing the different styles as we like them into a nice 'Mercenary'-type blend. 'The Hours that Remain' will also include special guests that we keep a secret for now. As for the artwork, we've decided to go another round with Travis Smith. Travis also did the 'Everblack' artwork for us and we're very happy with the layouts he has done for 'The Hours that Remain' so far."

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