New Deftones album information leaked?

Posted by AP on 20/01/16

Rumours have begun circulating that Deftones’ new album has been given the title ”Gore”, and will be released on March 18th. The rumours stem from a screen capture of an alleged advance stream of the effort shared by a foreign journalist, and while it the image was swiftly deleted, it did list the following (partial) track list:

01. Prayers/Triangles

02. Acid Hologram

03. Doomed User

04. Geometric Headdress

05. Hearts/Wires

06. Pittura Infamante

07. Xenon

08. (L)MIRL

09. Gore

10. Phantom Bride

11. (Rubicon?)

No official source has confirmed the authenticity of this information, so please take it with a grain of salt.

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