I'll Be Damned air new video "Fever" + talk influences

Posted by TL on 21/10/15

Aarhus hardrockers I'll Be Damned have just released their self-titled debut album, and to celebrate they have a new video out for the song "Fever", which you can check out below here.

Furthermore, however, the band has also taken the time to send us a description of their influences, compiling a playlist of songs that have had impact on their sound. So check out the new video first, then see what they had to say while you listen to their heroes:

1. DOWN – The Seed

Down and Phil Anselmo in general have been a big inspiration since the get-go. This is a prime example of Phil’s legendary roar, really stoned lyrics and Down’s unstoppable groove.

2. CLUTCH – Burning Beard

Clutch – as well as Down – are probably the first, who comes to mind, when we’re asked about influences. They rock – but they always do it with a twist, a superior rhythm-section and spacy, well-reflected lyrics. Then there’s Neil Fallon and his beard...

3. HELLACOPTERS – (Gotta Get Some Action) Now!

Everything Nicke Andersson does is brilliant. Whether he is fronting Hellacopters or his ”new” band Imperial State Electric or banging the drums in Entombed or the soul outfit The Solution, he always gets it right.


RATM isn’t just nostalgia to us. They’re definitely one of the biggest reasons, why we ended up as a political band. Social indignation combined with in-your-face aggression – what’s not to like?

5. ENTOMBED – Wolverine Blues

Swedish death’n’roll was a big influence, when we formed the band. Even though our sound is very different from the old swedes, we are still big fans of the raw, dirty energy, they blasted out in the nineties.


Frontman Dave Windorf is simply a hero to us. We may only listen to Dopes To Infinity and Powertrip from the nineties, but these records are all about attitude, anti-conformity statements and drugs. ”It’s a satanic drug thing – you wouldn’t understand”.

7. TRANSPORT LEAGUE – Cosmical Satanical

Some of our favorite swedes! Criminally underrated, these guys we’re also a major inspiration in the beginning. Massive sound and vocals and lyrical aggressions towards conform authorities.

8. D-A-D – Jihad

We’ve always been excited about D-A-D. They are definitely our main inspiration in Denmark. Maybe both our lyrics and sound are a bit ”tougher” than theirs, but we aspire to kick off the same party as they do.

9. THE HIVES – Walk Idiot Walk

Again with the swedes... The Hives are so fucking classy, but they still have that dirty rock’n’roll-vibe. Straight forward rebellious rock with all the right aesthetics – hell yeah!

10. AC/DC – Rock And Roll Singer

Pure rock’n’roll. AC/DC is in many ways the fifth element. Of course we sometimes listen to their newer efforts, but the old Bon Scott-albums are so energetic and charming, that they always win.

Ten artists are apparently not enough. We could easily have included artists such as Faith No More/Mr. Bungle/Tomahawk (and just about everything with Mike Patton), Black Sabbath, Skid Row, Darkthrone, Tom Jones, The Dillinger Escape Plan The Haunted, Queens Of The Stone Age, Zeke and a lot of other stuff. We like to include as many influences in our music as we see fit – We always end up sounding like I’ll Be Damned anyway.

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