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Posted by xre on 02/04/06

Rise Against has posted an update regarding their upcoming album "The Sufferer & The Witness", out in June:

Just checking in with everyone here to let you know we've finished all the tracking of our new record "The Sufferer & The Witness" at the Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore.

We did about fifteen songs ( i think, it's all a blur now ) and we're pretty excited about it. Working at The Blasting Room again has been the perfect experience and colloborating with Bill again has really brought some of our songs to life the way he brought RPM to life. We had Chad from Drag The River/ALL and Emily from Holy Roman Empire sing all over the record which was awesome. Before we left, we ran into the Thursday guys in town and took them for some scooter rides, played each other our new stuff, and co-erced them to sing some youth crew vox...

We also had a great secret show @ the Starlight in Fort Collins with about 600 of our dearest comrades, thanks a lot to everyone who came out, hope you had as much fun as we did. We then took the weekend off to head to Miama and play with Alkaline Trio and Killswitch at a giant festival. We had a blast playing some new songs for our South Floridian friends and hanging out with some great people. Cant' wait to hear some new Killswitch stuff...

So, in conclusion, we are really excited about the new stuff, can't wait for you all to hear it (it's gonna be out in june hopefully), we're looking forward to the Troub shows and Warped, and making some international plans for next fall, so stay tuned for all that. We're moving on to mixing in Los Angeles this week, we'll report from there. Peace out killaz.

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