Chadwick Stokes to perform Ideal Bar in Copenhagen

Posted by MN on 04/05/15

Chadwick Stokes, part of folk-rock triumvirate Dispatch, is set to perform his first ever solo gig in the Danish capital on May 5th.

Having played along with Dispatch to crowds well surpassing 100,000 spectators, and selling out Madison Square Garden for three consecutive nights, Chadwick being an experienced performer is a gross understatement. To go from major festival-size gigs to the intimate jazz-barish venue of Ideal Bar is sure to make for an exclusive experience of intimacy.

Billed alongside to support is the danish duo named Jørck who play a melancholic, folk and jazz inspired concoction, anchored by the chilling vocals of Trine Jørck.

Tickets cost 125 dkk and can be purchased through

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