Limp Bizkit not done?

Posted by xre on 27/03/06

According to a posting at their Myspace page, Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst has written a long open letter to Wes Borland regarding his recent statements of the band being garbage and "over":

"Today is a wonderful day for new beginnings and we all can participate. I must say that I appreciate the carefully and delicately worded apology from a man who knows how and what to say when under pressure. I am also pleased to see the lack of sincerity, that has always been a huge part of his character, is still at the forefront of his aesthetic. From the beginning the two of us never genuinely appealed to one another, but I accepted him as family and gave my life and loyalty to the family we all were a part of. This means I would never turn my back on my family no matter what. Through hell and high water I have my families back. From the great times to the most tragic I will stand by my families side. This also happens to be the same philosophy that Sam, John, and Lethal live by when it comes to family. The only person who turned his back on our family is the same one who left our family in a time of need. The same one who left John (TUT1) out to dry when he needed us the most. The same one who planned his exit from the family after having me negotiate an advance from the label, for millions of dollars, for future albums (RMV) and then leave the family as soon as the money was in his bank account. The same one who knew there were people giving their hearts and loyalty to our family in return for the same, but in so many ways has shown his true colors to be those with no heart and no loyalty. The same one who will bad mouth a family that he treated so unfair and so badly only to reassure and prove his devotion and loyalty to his new and improved true passions and interests. The same one who led millions of people into a fire and left them to burn. The same one who seems so willing to be "brutally honest" that he will hurt anyone, at any unpredictable time, in his path regardless of how much reassurance he has provided, over and again, that he was family and would never turn his back under any circumstance no matter what, just the same as all members of the family reassured him. The same one who says he feels like he "sold out", but was the only one pretending, the whole time supposedly, to be down with all of us and taking every single penny he could get his hands on and claims he only did it because "it worked". The same one who complained about being "popular" and left the family, but came back saying he really wants to be popular again after all his time away from the spotlight and was pushing to do any and all of the things we could do to regain our popularity. The same one who came back to the family, years after leaving, because he missed, loved, and could only truly be happy with our family, but made a deal with the head of the label that he would only come back on one condition that they promised to support, promote, release, and stand behind his new solo approach as an artist. The same one who can't get it right with me, but is only willing to do so for money because never once has he mentioned being a part of the family again for the family itself which is the band members and the fans. The same one who finds vulnerable people to believe in him and give him unconditional love and support because he is in fact someone that is very easy to fall in love with only to make careless and selfish decisions with no regards to the massive amount of innocent human beings he will be hurting and confusing. The same person who claims to have such a spine, but is, in my eyes, spineless because of so many choices that he has made to reinstate how "cool" he actually is. The same one who, time and again, is motivated by his need to be accepted and being considered "cool". The same one who left all of his family when he felt his family wasn't cool anymore. The same one who had my undivided attention, love, and support regardless of his inability to stand up to me and expose his dislike concerning me or my decisions. The same one who thought it was best to turn his back on me and everyone who depended on him instead of trying to communicate and work through the problems he was having regarding me and the world he spent so much hard work and time to create......But I accept your apology and admire your evolution as an honorable and respectable human being. You have been through a lot and I have, and will always be, one of your biggest fans. Your disrespect for me and my family is water under the bridge my friend. If you would only now be aware and sensitive towards how bad you have disappointed and hurt me, john, sam, lethal, and most of the limp bizkit family. We have been devastated ever since you left the first time and will never fully recover. We gave you our hearts and our unconditional loyalty because we are all about family and will be until we are no longer living. This scar will always remind us of all of the great times we shared together with you and hopefully nothing else. You are a genius at being creative and hopefully more in tune with how you treat people along your journey. I really enjoy the music you are making now and will be excited to experience the full journey. And you are wrong about something, this is not "garbage". We have learned through the years to not be so candid with our details concerning limp bizkit and you seemed to pick a very timely and interesting time to stir up the "garbage" and call me and my family "dead". You don't know of any new music being made because we chose, long ago when you left john for dead, that we would never be so naive to trust you again. Everything happens for a reason and this is no exception. I am so proud of the family for putting the heat on and proving that we are anything, but dead. TUT2 will be dedicated to you personally, so please find it in your heart to give it a listen and even if you say you won't, we know you will. Thank you again and remember it is water under the bridge. There will be those who agree and those who don't. Some will remain family and some will turn their backs. So be it. We rise now. It is time. We will never turn our backs on our family as it has been proven time and time again and you can always, and forever, depend on that. Family is forever. We love you brother and wish you the best with everything you will ever do. And just like you I will put this to rest and move on with what is best for our family. Goodnight."

This means that the band will, after all, record "The Unquestionable Truth (Part 2)". Dear God save us.

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