Temples Festival lineup gets stronger

Posted by EW on 19/01/15

Set for 29-31 May at Motion in Bristol, the Temples Festival has undoubtedly bagged the best British metal festival lineup of the year (and in the week Sonisphere has cancelled...) with the following latest announcements of new bands:

- Earth (as final day headliners)

- Voivod

- Pallbearer

- Tribulation

- Sonance

- Caina

- Anta

- ((OHHMS))

- Grieved

- Svalbard

- Halshug

- The King is Blind

- The Afternoon Gentlemen

- Olanza

- Grand Collapse

- Swan Song

It has also been announced that Pig Destroyer> will play twice, with two entirely different sets (29th & 30th).

Limited Weekend Tickets and an ample supply of Day Tickets are available here.

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