Desertfest '15 adds a ton of new artists

Posted by AP on 10/01/15

The London, UK edition of Desertfest has confirmed an assortment of new artists for this year's festivities, which are set to take place across various venues in Camden between the 24th & 26th of April. These are:

Agrimonia (se)

Angel Witch (uk)

Anthroproph (uk)

Bong (uk)

Cancer (uk)

Consecration (uk)

Decrepid (uk)

Dopethrone (ca)

Dungeon (uk)

Eye Of Solitude (uk)

Eyehategod (us)

Noothgrush (us)

Obake (it)

Palehorse (uk)

Quartz (uk)

Saille (be)

Satanic Dystopia (uk)

Sex Swing (uk)

Shit & Shine (us)

Sly & The Family Drone (uk)

SSS (uk)

Wytch Hazel (uk)

Tickets can be bought here.

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