Cataract's Kingdom

Posted by miray on 16/03/06

Swiss metallic hardcore heroes Cataract are back with their fourth album Kingdom! 11 Tracks of brutal heavy music are ready to be unleashed upon the masses by the 19th / 22nd of May! The album (which will also be released as a limited 2CD digipack) was recorded once again at Antfarm Studios and produced by Tue Madsen who gave Cataract the sound they were aiming for this time around!

Guitarist Simon Fuellemann speaks out on "Kingdom": "With this album we've built our own 'kingdom'! Metallic Hardcore - 'hard' being the keyword! 'Kingdom' is a groundbreaking step forward without losing our own style!"

As mentioned above this crushing masterpiece of a thrashing beatdown will be released on the 19th of May (Germany / Austria / Switzerland) / 22nd of May (Europe) and features the following tracks:

01. Kingdom's Rise

02. War of Cultures

03. On this Graveyard

04. Denial of Life

05. Tongues spitting Hate

06. March with your Battleforce

07. Sacrificed for the Wealth

08. Definiton of the Sacred

09. Legions at the Gates

10. Unforgotten

11. For their Sins

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