Mass exodus from Church Of Misery

Posted by AP on 03/11/14

Somehow this passed beneath our radar, but apparently in September, Japanese stoner/doom crew Church Of Misery experienced a mass exodus, with vocalist Hideki Fukasawa, drummer Junji Narita and guitarist Ikuma Kawabe all exiting the band. That leaves just bassist Tatsu Mikami as the lone remaining member, though in his own words, this does not spell the demise of the band:

Hi! Thanks for your kind words. Don't worry guys, Church of Misery NEVER gonna stop. I NEVER give up this band. As you know well, I wrote all songs & lyrics of Church of Misery. I already have new many materials for next album. Hopefully, we will enter the studio when we got new guys. Next year, you can hear our new album and play in your country ( Europe, America etc ) again! I swear!

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