Beatbox owner reveals harsh consequences of festival boycott

Posted by TL on 23/10/14

Following the older Danish festivals' boycott of Beatbox Booking and Skandinavian Booking, the first consequences have already arrived in form of Skandinavian changing ownership, and today Beatbox Booking owner Peter Sørensen published an open letter to the conflicting festivals, revealing his frustrations with the boycott having forced Beatbox to split up, abandon their office and fire several employees. Particularly the lack of trust and willingness to handle the conflict via dialogue is a sore point, as Sørensen points to the long prior history of collaboration between the festivals and his company.

The whole letter can be read by Danish readers over at, and meanwhile, Roskilde Festival representative Christina Bilde has responded that they felt there was dialogue with Beatbox and that things were not as grave as Sørensen describes, yet their position is that the matter is best handled directly between the different parts, outside of the public eye.

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