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Posted by xre on 05/03/06

As you probably noticed, we experienced some downtime this week due to updating of the site. The news system is now much smarter to use (short news have no read more button) and it is possible to see the amount of comments in each news item. Use the comments, express your thoughts!

Also, you are now able to comment the gig reviews and album reviews! You can kill our reviews if you disagree, or praise us for doing a good job. Do it!

The tour dates section still has a few minor bugs in the coding, which does not allow us to post the actual dates, but that will be fixed within the next two days.

You may experience missing pictures on some of the pages as we moved stuff around all week, but it will be fixed as soon as possible.

THE FORUM HAS NOW BEEN FIXED, and you are able to login with internet explorer (previously it only worked with alternative browsers).

The news coverage and album reviews+gig reviews+features pace will be stepped back up to normal. Expect a Reel Big Fish, In Flames and Coheed & Cambria interview to pop up on the site in the very near future. hopes you will enjoy the changes. As always, feel free to drop into the forum if you find bugs or can think of improvements.

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