Davenport Cabinet to release new album in September

Posted by AP on 18/08/14

Davenport Cabinet (featuring Travis Stever of Coheed And Cambria) will release a new album titled "Damned Renegades" through Equal Vision Records on the 30th of September. Its track listing will run, as follows:

01. "41°15'22.0" N"

02. "Everyone Surrounding"

03. "Aneris"

04. "Bulldozer"

05. "In Orbit"

06. "Sorry for Me"

07. "74°21'31.7" W"

08. "Students of Disaster"

09. "Damned Renegades"

10. "Glass Balloon"

11. "Missing Pieces"

12. "Graves of the Great War"

"Everyone Surrounding" can be streamed below:

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