Zodiac to release new album in September

Posted by AP on 11/07/14

Germany heavy blues rockers Zodiac will release a new album titled "Sonic Child" through Napalm Records on the 19th of September. You can view the artwork, as well as read an explanation of it below:

This is the cover artwork of our new album, "Sonic Child". The idea behind it is actually very simple: As a child, you hear music in its purest form. You do this without caring about a certain image, without looking at the band pictures, without thinking about fancy clothes or any other parameters; you just listen to the music and create your own vision of it.

Nowadays, it seems for many bands that music isn't the most important element anymore. That's why we wrote a concept album about the love for music in general. It is our "Sonic Child", and we hope you'll cherish it as much as we do. And with such a talented artist as Sebastian Jerke, we managed to find the perfect partner to visualize our thoughts. Here we go!

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