Undertow's Milgram surfaces in March

Posted by miray on 17/02/06

Three years ago it was when we saw the last signs of Undertow. Internal and external changes haven't made the band's life easier those days. Producer and friend Roger Grueninger remained from the the good old times. Delivering a killersound on previous album 34ce he did even better on current record Milgram.

Rainer Pflanz who became the new drummer in Undertow managed to create a more diverse but also a more dynamic musical performance. The artwork was done by someone outside the band which was never the case before. Bjorn Goosses, singer of Night In Gales and longtime friend of the band, took over this job.

Music wise cruising around through the doomy streets of metal wasn't challenge enough anymore. So rather untypical elements such as Cello and female vocals were added to the sound of Undertow. It's not just emotionless aggression but also power, dynamic and strength melting together with melancholy.

Here’s the tracklisting of “Milgram�:

01.) In

02.) Stomping Out Ignorance

03.) Two Fingers

04.) Hateriot

05.) Homemade Funeral

06.) Crawler

07.) Buried In Snow

08.) Always Have Always Will

09.) This Is The Worst Day… Since Yesterday

10.) D-Mood

11.) Out

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