Brimstone Coven to release debut album in August

Posted by AP on 24/06/14

Wheeling, WV based retro rock/psychedelic doom metal group Brimstone Coven will release their self-titled debut album through Metal Blade Records on the 05th of August. The album will feature the following tracks:

01. "Cosmic Communion"

02. "Behold, the Anunnaki"

03. "The Black Door"

04. "Blood on the Wall"

05. "The Grave"

06. "Lord & Master"

07. "Vying"

08. "The Seance"

09. "Hades Hymn"

10. "The Folly of Faust"

11. "Intro" (bonus track)

12. "We are Forever" (bonus track)

13. "The Ancients" (bonus track)

14. "Son of the Morning" (bonus track)

15. "LoSt in the oDyssey" (bonus track)

16. "Children of the Sun (bonus track)

17. "Outro" (bonus track)

You can check out "The Grave", as well as get a glimpse of the artwork, right here:

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