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Posted by miray on 10/02/06

Linkin Park DJ Joseph Hahn has posted the following message on the group's official web site:

"Right now we're in the experimental phase of the writing process for our new record. There is no solid direction yet, we're trying to be as eclectic as we can for the moment and then we'll see what stands out the most out of all the music we write, which will give us more of an identity to strive for.

"We wanted to step it up as far as working with a producer and really try to create an atmosphere that will challenge us in different ways. We chose Rick Rubin because his credits alone speak a lot about his ability and his open-mindedness as a producer, working on everything from the old Def Jam, BEASTIE BOYS and RUN DMC, to SLAYER, JOHNNY CASH, NEIL DIAMOND, and the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. I think the common denominator with all these groups is that they create great music through the years that has stood the test of time.

"When we were discussing producers for our next record, the list of people we were considering was actually pretty small. Fortunately for us, Rick lives in L.A. and we got to meet up at his house and talk about music, life and approaches to writing, and just kind of have real casual conversation and get to know each other as people. And we really took a liking to him as he did to us, and the more we talked to him it just kind of made sense that we'd try working with him.

"With this record we're striving to come up with something different than what we've done before. The first two LINKIN PARK albums are connecting chapters, and I don't think that this one necessarily needs to connect with those because we've already established our sound. When our band first came out it was really interesting and new, and now that we are established as musicians, I think we need to freshen that up and come up with some different and interesting approaches that pertain to today. We look forward to touring and sharing our new music with all of our fans, hopefully by this summer after our album is complete."

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