Origin to release new album "Omnipresent" in July

Posted by AP on 07/05/14

Technical death metal crew Origin have set "Omnipresent" as the title to their new album, which Agonia Records will release on the 04th of July. Its artwork can be viewed here, while the track listing will run, as follows:

01. "All Things Dead"


03. "Permanence"

04. "Manifest Desolate"

05. "Absurdity of What I Am"

06. "Source of Icon O"

07. "Continuum"

08. "Unattainable Zero"

09. "Redistribution of Filth"

10. "Obsolescence"

11. "Malthusian Collapse"

12. "The Indiscriminate"

13. "Kill Yourself" (S.O.D. cover)

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