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Posted by AP on 21/02/14

Desertfest, which takes place in Berlin, Germany between the 24th & 26th of April and in London, UK between the 25th & 27th of April, is beginning to take shape.

The Berlin-edition, tickets for which can be bought here, boasts the following line-up:

ASG (us)

Black Rainbows (it)

Castle (us)

Causa Sui (dk)

Clutch (us)

Cojones (hr)

Doctor Doom (fr)

Elder (us)

Gozu (us)

Huata (fr)

Kvelertak (no)

The Moth (de)

Prisma Circus (es)

Radar Men From The Moon (nl)

Radio Moscow (us)

Sardonis (be)

Sasquatch (us)

Spirit Caravan (us)

The London-edition, tickets for which are available right here, has the following, more expansive line-up:

Friday, April 25th:

Electric Ballroom:

Spirit Caravan (us)

Ed Mundell's UEMG (us)

Sixty Watt Shaman (us)

Monkey3 (ch)


The Machine (nl)

Sasquatch (us)

The Midnight Ghost Train (us)

Zodiac (de)

Borracho (us)

Swamp Machine (nl)

Black Heart:


Saturday, April 26th:

Electric Ballroom:

Kvelertak (no)

Weedeater (us)

Blues Pills (se)

Samsara Blues Experiment (de)

ASG (us)

Anciients (ca)


Dragged Into Sunlight (uk)

The Body (us)

11Paranoias (uk)

Hey Colossus (uk)

Årabrot (no)

Slabdragger (uk)

Black Heart:

The Cosmic Dead (uk)

Hotel City Wrecking Traders (au)

Ghold (uk)

Dead Existence (uk)

Wizard Fight (uk)

Sunday, April 27th:

Electric Ballroom:

Boris (jp)

Church Of Misery (jp)

Elder (us)

Radio Moscow (us)

Lonely Kamel (no)

Black Rainbows (it)


Kongh (se)

Eagle Twin (us)

Sourvein (us)

Graves At Sea (us)

Grime (it)

Pombagira (uk)

War Wolf (uk)

Lifer (us)

Black Heart:

Grandloom (de)

Hull (us)

Baron Greenback (uk)

Bright Curse (uk)

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