Fireworks to release new album in March

Posted by AP on 29/01/14

Fireworks will release a new album titled "Oh, Common Life" on the 25th of March. It will feature the following tracks:

01. "Glowing Crosses"

02. "Bed Sores"

03. "The Back Window's Down"

04. "Flies on Tape"

05. "Woods"

06. "Play God Only Knows at My Funeral"

07. "One More Creature Dizzy with Love"

08. "The Only Thing That Haunts This House is Me"

09. "The Sound of Young America"

10. "Run, Brother, Run"

11. "The Hotbed of Life"

Speaking on the effort, guitarist/vocalist Chris Mojan offered:

This is a record of self-realization. It's all pretty self-absorbed and personal, and it all came from within. When we show it to people close to us, it can get uncomfortable because of how personal and relatable it is. We were able to break everything down when we were writing. I think that shows on the album. It's complete honesty.

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