Heavy Days In Doomtown '14 add more bands

Posted by AP on 21/12/13

Heavy Days In Doomtown, which takes place at Loppen and Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen between the 01st & 04th of May, has added the following bands to its line-up:

Aldebaran (us) & Shadow Of The Torturer (us) (performing "Dwellers In Twilight")

Dopelord (pl)

Doublestone (dk)

Dread Sovereign (ie)

Glitter Wizard (us)

Goatess (se)

The Graviators (se)

Isole (se)

Of The Wand & The Moon (dk)

Skepticism (fi)

Switchblade (se)

Vidunder (se)

Witchsorrow (uk)

Yuri Gagarin (se)

The previously announced acts can be viewed here.

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