Rocksmith 2014 available shortly

Posted by PP on 06/11/13

Earlier this year we wrote an in-depth article about the revolutionary guitar game Rocksmith, which basically made all future renditions of Guitar Hero, Rock Band and other competing products practically worthless in comparison. Here, you would plug in a real guitar, play real songs exactly the same way as they were played on the original recording, and learn how to play guitar through a number of lessons and mini games, if you needed to practice a particular technique a little more.

Well, the game has now been upgraded to a 2014 edition, where all previous game modes are back with significant improvements that should make it a much more easily accessible experience than the original version was at times. This game will teach you how to play guitar, and is touted as the fastest way of doing so on your own time.

There are 85 lessons included in the game, which is three times more than in the original version, and more than 50 songs available immediately for your leisure to practice and play around with. 200 more songs are available as downloads from the get go.

Here's a recently released trailer for the game, where creative director Paul Cross talks you through all the changes and reasons why you should upgrade into the new version. Check it out below:

Pretty neat, huh? More details are available on the game's official website. We'll be checking this game out for sure. What about you?

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