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Posted by PP on 21/10/13

I'm sure most of you have seen one of the infamous Jackass movies, or perhaps the equally hilarious series that reigned on MTV back in 2000 to 2001. If so, you may remember a Johnny Knoxville character from the show colloquially known as Bad Grandpa. These skits featured Knoxville dressing up like an 86-year old senior citizen called Irwin Zisman in an uncanny manner, and performing all sorts of morally questionable feats utilizing mostly a shock-and-awe strategy of "I can't believe he actually did that" from the audience's perspective, resulting in typical "oh my GOD" responses from innocent bystanders standing in incredulity over his actions.

Well, be prepared for 92 minutes of the same, because there's a feature length comedy of just that about to premiere on October 24th. Check out the trailer below:

Was that hilarious or what? Irwin Zisman was always one of my favorite characters in Jackass, so needless to say, I'm looking forward to checking this one out. The film features Johnny Knoxville, Jackson Nicoll, and Spike Jonze in leading roles. Check out more information on this Facebook page.

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