Triptykon to play Roadburn 2014

Posted by BV on 24/09/13

The renowned avantgarde metallers Triptykon will play at the 013 venue in Tilburg during the

Roadburn Festival 2014

the official statement reads:

We're extremely honoured to report that Triptykon will return to

Roadburn Festival on Sunday, April 13th at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The


There's a significant bond between Roadburn and Triptykon founder Tom Gabriel Warrior (already legendary for his work as a founding member of Hellhammer and Celtic Frost). Not only did he curate the 2010 Roadburn Festival, personally inviting the lineup for his highly acclaimed 'Only

Death Is Real event,' Triptykon also played their first official live show at the festival in support of their then newly-released debut album, Eparistera Daimones.

The stunningly dark and deeply personal Eparistera Daimones showed an inspirational rebirth for Tom Gabriel Warrior after the riotous days of Celtic Frost, and placed Triptykon squarely in the vanguard of avant-garde metal. Many stunning shows followed, but Roadburn is proud to have brought them to the stage for that very special first performance. Their return to Roadburn will herald the release of their long-awaited new full-length album.

We're very proud about our continued collaboration with Tom Gabriel Warrior and Triptykon, and can't wait to welcome them at the 2014 festival. Coming heavily armed with crushing new material, the band is sure to plunge Roadburn back into a dark abyss of all-consuming


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