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Posted by PP on 18/09/13

Outfitters Nation, which is a Danish specialty clothing brand targeted specifically for teenagers of both genders, have created an interesting concept around a brand new indie rock band simply called The Band. According to their own words, they "play the music to accompany the style and attitude of a generation, and we want to share it all with you". Now, what's special about this concept is that they won't reveal to the world who they are. By hiding their faces and other attributes that would lead you to recognize who the band members are in reality, they want to highlight that it's all about the music, and not the personalities behind.

In collaboration with Outfitters Nation, The Band have created a short trailer to their concept where they talk about themselves, what their goals as musicians are, and feature a couple of song excerpts on the background. Check it out:

Neat, huh? During the next year or so, everything they create will be given away for free to their fans. You can check out their SoundCloud page to listen and download their music for free, check out their YouTube channel for videos, and follow them on Facebook and on Instagram. More information is also available on their official website.

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