Cult Of Luna in the studio

Posted by xre on 09/12/05

Cult Of Luna has started recording their new album, which is currently eyeing a tentative spring release date. Here's an update directly from the band:

"The first recording session of the next Cult of Luna album is now complete! We spent 7 days recording mostly drums, bass and guitars in a wooden octagon barn outside of Umeå. The scenery out there is seriously like in that Blair Witch movie, we even saw 'Wicca-witch type looking girl' doing some freebase hippie dancing in the woods at one point. We think she suspected that she was being watched so we never saw her again. Bummer. In Other words, we were in the perfect mindset to record a Cult of Luna album.

Speaking of the barn itself, the big room sounds really awesome was perfect place to track drums. Thomas Hedlund joined us to share his amazing drums skills, and on some songs both Thomas and myself are playing simultaneously...pretty fucking rad. "

"Most of the tracks were recorded live, which is quite different than the approach we had for the previous albums. Expect a raw and unpolished album this spring."

"Next thing to do is go into Tonteknik studios for a few days for additional recordings, like vocals, keys, noise and what not. After that I will be mixing the album before this X-mas!"

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