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Posted by PP on 12/04/13

So everybody knows that rock'n'rollers only drink beer and whiskey, right? Wrong! Much like tries to spread the word about all of the many nuances of the rock and metal scenes, we are also always keen to try out new ways to get our pre-show buzz on. So in our continuing efforts to do so, and having previously enjoyed both the drinks and the humourous commercials from Danish cider brand Somersby, we decided to sample a dozen of their new "Unlimited - Wild Cactus" bottles before the Smoke Or Fire show this Tuesday.

PP, Filip of Stars Burn Stripes, and model Vibeke Langvad

Sharing a few of these flamboyant looking concoctions with fans and musicians outside Underwerket, even the more skeptical soon conceded that they could see themselves taking breaks from their beer consumption to mix things up with some "Unlimited". Moreover, the common female reaction was - and pain of death, I'm not making this up - "wow, that's a cool bottle". With the variety of animal prints adorning the different "Unlimited" bottles, we're sure glam rockers around the world are prone to agree, but even if you're a conservative denim-and-leather type, a bottle of peacock-themed "Unlimited" in your hand is obviously exactly what you need to add a dash of irony and self-awareness to your chosen stereotype. Long story short: If you're in the mood to mix up your drinking habits, try a Somersby Unlimited. Take it from us; We definitely weren't disappointed!

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