Message from our partners - Sony Xperia Z

Posted by TL on 25/03/13

If you're part of the freshest generation of music fans, you know that etiquette these days demand that you watch rock shows through the screen of your smartphone, while of course video-recording and instagramming the whole thing. Okay, maybe not, but let's all be real here - We use our smartphones during shows, either to take photos or video or to text or call friends that have been lost elsewhere in the crowd, often at great risk of having our fragile little screens soaked in beer or sent flying through the air by a sudden unexpected mass-movements. Enter the new Sony Xperia Z, the first actual flagship smartphone to come with IP57 durability certification.

What this certification means is that you can't very well put scratches on this phone, but you can submerge it under water and still expect it to work afterwards. And for once this comes with no compromise in terms of powerful features: With a quad-core processor, a 13 megapixel camera and 4G connectivity on its resumé, the Xperia Z is right there in the mix as one of the top smartphones to come out in 2013. So unless you really enjoy coming out of pits and festivals desperately hoping to have avoided getting beer in your phone or cracking its screen, maybe you should give this bad boy a look when time comes to upgrade, no?

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