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Posted by PP on 18/03/13

Draw with your fingers. Write an email using a stylus pen. Play games on Windows 8. That's how Sony are marketing their new hybrid tablet/laptop combo Sony VAIO Duo 11. It's designed to be used with your hands, so whether you're writing a handwritten essay, or finger-painting, or switching to the full-fledged desktop experience complete with a standard QWERTY keyboard, it seems like this device enables it all. Check out this video clip to see what I mean:

This bad boy features an Intel Core i7 processor as the driving force behind it all, coupled with 1080p full HD quality video (1920x1080 resolution), and a flexible screen that slides up and down when you're moving from tablet to laptop mode, and yet it only weights 1.3kg. And if you're worried about its battery capacity, you can purchase an extra slide-on battery that effectively doubles the capacity. It carries a fairly heft price tag, but then again you do get its double functionality as a laptop and as a tablet, which is exactly what Windows 8 was designed for. Pretty neat, huh?

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